Are You With The Right Reputation Manager?

Are you currently working with a reputation manager? If so, do you think you made the right choice of hiring them? Sure, their service can make or break your business success, hence, it is only fair if you assess their service while working with them.
Francis Santa is a popular entrepreneur, and owner of Business Management Lift. He completely understands the importance of business reputation hence apart of owning numerous businesses, he also established the Business Management Lift to help businesses achieve a good reputation.
If you are currently working with one of the reputation management companies out there, you have to assess whether or not that company is providing your business exactly what you hired them for.
Here are some things to look into to help you assess if you are working with the right company or if it is time to move forward:
Am I getting regular updates?
Are you getting regular updates or do you need to call them for updates? A responsible reputation manager will update you about the status of your business in the industry on a regular basis. They will not wait for you to call them as updates should come regularly.
Is my business reputation improving?
Is my business reputation improving or is it just the same or getting worse? Their main job is to help you get out from a bad reputation or improve your reputation even more, hence, if it is not working that way, then it is time that you cut your partnership with them and look for a different reputation management company.
Is there someone else who can do the job better?
Have you found a company that can do the job better? If yes, then cut the ties with your current manager and hire the professional who can do the job better.