Comparing Wood, Composite, and PVC Decking Boards: Which is Right for You?

The Pros and Cons of various Decking Boards

In relation to selecting decking panels for your residence, there are many what exactly you need to consider. Would you like some thing that’s very easy to preserve? Or even you’re looking for a substance which will last a long time, despite having heavy feet decking (terassendielen) website traffic.

Whichever your priorities are, it’s essential to think about the advantages and disadvantages of each and every kind of decking table prior to making one last decision. Bearing that in mind, let’s check out a number of the most in-demand choices available today.

Hardwood Decking Panels

Timber is probably the most famous selection for deckingterrassendielen panels, and also for a very good reason.

On the drawback, hardwood does demand some standard upkeep to keep it seeking its finest. You’ll must wash it frequently and reapply sealant or color every couple of years to guard it in the factors.

Composite Decking Boards

Composite decking boards are produced from an assortment of wood fibres and plastic-type material resin. They’re built to imitate the style of timber while simply being more proof against staining, marks, and diminishing. Also, look at terrace boardsterrassenbretter.

Composite boards also don’t demand the maximum amount of routine maintenance as wood—they can be cleansed with soap and water and don’t must be covered or decorated. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than timber decking boards, and they’re much less straightforward to work with if you’re planning a DIY undertaking.

PVC Decking Panels

PVC decking panels are manufactured entirely from plastic-type polymer. They’re one of the most up-to-date choices in the marketplace and give most of the same advantages as composite decking boards—they’re tough, reduced-routine maintenance, and simple to clean.

Nonetheless, Pvc material decking panels may be more pricey than both timber and composite options, and they’re less straightforward to work alongside should you don’t have experience working with plastic materials.


There are actually benefits and drawbacks to every single kind of decking board—it’s just a matter of choosing the right substance for your needs. If you want something which seems like hardwood but is much easier to care for, composite or PVC could be the ideal solution.