How apartment security cameras are regulated in Illinois


Security cameras are becoming an extremely well-known security determine for condominium properties, but do you know precisely what the laws are relating to their use? If you are an apartment manager residing in Illinois who is considering putting in apartment security camera laws illinois, it’s important to comprehend the state’s polices. Let us take a look at what you should know.

The Illinois Compiled Statutes (720 ILCS 5/21-2) states that no person shall “knowingly come up with a video documenting of some other person without his or her consent while that other individual is at a home or dwelling belonging to the defendant and situated in this Condition.” Which means that although surveillance cameras could be set up on private property, they cannot document any video clip video of people without their specific permission. Moreover, any movie tracks made should never infringe upon the personal privacy proper rights of any other people.

Generally, property owners should be able to mount surveillance cameras on their own residence as long as they stick to certain recommendations. Initially, all tenants should be educated before installing that video cameras are employed around the properties along with their objective. Second, all recordings produced must only be employed for legit organization functions including deterring criminal offense and guarding house. Last but not least, all tracks needs to be stored securely and destroyed after a establish period of time has elapsed.


In conclusion, when you are an apartment owner residing in Illinois that is thinking of installing security cameras in your residence there are certain polices you need to adhere to. Ensure that all renters are conscious just before set up and keep your tracks secure and eliminate them following a establish timeframe has passed. Obviously, it’s always advisable to check with legal counsel just before using any motion linked to security gear installment or use on your property to ensure agreement with suitable regulations.

By following these tips, landlords can make sure that they remain certified using the regulation while still offering reassurance for their own reasons in addition to their renters in relation to protection digital camera usage with their flats in Illinois.