How to Keep Your Skateboard Bearings Lubricated and Running Smooth

If you wish your skateboard to work smoothly, it is very important keep your skateboard bearing oil. This will help reduce rubbing and put on and prevent rusting. The right oil may also shield your bearings from soil and particles. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your skateboard bearings lubricated and working efficiently.

Why You Ought To Lubricate Your Skateboard Bearings:

Skateboard bearings are created from metallic, and like most aluminum components, they must be moisturized to minimize friction and put on. Lubrication likewise helps avoid corrosion. Additionally, the correct type of oil can safeguard your bearings from soil and dirt. Learn how to nice and clean skateboard bearings.

What Kind of Oil to work with on Skateboard Bearings:

There are a number of skin oils which can be used on skateboard bearings. It is essential is selecting an oil intended for steel bearings. In addition, you must pick an oil with excellent lubricating properties and potential to deal with soil and particles. Some well-known brands involve Bone Bearing Oil, Bronson Velocity Co. Bearing Oil, and Self-sufficient Legitimate Elements Bearing Oil.

How Frequently to Oil Skateboard Bearings:

It is generally recommended that you oil your skateboard bearings every several months. However, in the event you ride frequently or perhaps in dusty or unclean problems, you might need to oil them more regularly. Also, if you see your bearings are beginning to sense free of moisture or gritty, it is actually a chance to oil them.

How you can Nice and clean Skateboard Bearings:

To wash your bearings, start with taking out the rims from the skateboard. Up coming, utilize a bearing cleaner or solvent to get rid of grime, trash, or old grease from the bearings. Once the bearings are washed, put in a couple of drops of clean oil to each and every one. Then, re-put in the tires and ” spin ” those to deliver the oil evenly.


Your skateboard bearings are crucial for clean functionality and extended life. The right oil will help lessen friction and put on, protect against corrosion, and maintain your bearings nice and clean. Make sure to oil your bearings every few months, or even more frequently, should you ride frequently or maybe in dirty problems.