Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Website’s Security With Dylan sidoo

The internet is a big place, and it’s only going to get bigger. It’s estimated that for every human on earth there are two devices connected to the internet. That means you need to think about security when developing your website so that your site doesn’t fall victim to hackers or cybercriminals trying to steal data from your visitors. Dylan sidoo There are lots of things you can do to make sure your website is secure!

Use A Password Manager

Password managers are a great way to keep your passwords safe and secure. They let you create strong, unique passwords for every site and store them in one place so that you don’t have to remember them all.

The best password managers offer:

• A browser extension that will autofill forms with your login details when they’re needed.
• A mobile app for quick access from your phone or tablet.
• Syncing across all of your devices so that when one changes its password, it updates everywhere else too.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is a method of authentication that requires users to enter a password and a second factor in order to access an account. The second factor can be something they know (like the user’s phone number), something they have (such as an app on their phone) or something they are (like their fingerprint).

In addition to providing extra security, implementing 2FA will help protect against phishing attacks because it makes it harder for hackers to gain access by guessing stolen passwords. If you don’t have 2FA enabled on your website yet, consider setting up this feature immediately, says Dylan sidoo!

Encrypt Everything

Encryption is the process of encoding data in such a way that only authorized parties can access it. Encryption is used to secure data in transit, data at rest and data in use. Encryption is most commonly used to protect sensitive personal information, but it can also be used on any type of digital asset that you want to keep secure.

Encrypting your website will ensure that even if hackers manage to breach your site’s security or steal its password-protected files they won’t be able to read them without first decrypting them with an encryption key–and that’s where things get tricky for cyber criminals!